Dental charity in Argentina

Revealed Travel is working with the Latin America travel industry  to support social projects throughout the region.

A journalist from Al-Jazeera recently visited the Todos Juntos Dental Project in Argentina. Please take a look at the following short report:

Creating Smiles in Argentina

How you can help:

Each year the dental project provides over 30,000 free treatments to some 6,000 disadvantaged children. On average, each child needs five treatments before their mouth is restored to full health. Each treatment costs £6, so a new smile costs just £30.

Further information:

“Many of the children have never even seen a toothbrush, let alone a dentist,” explains David Gilmour, one of our travel specialists for Latin America, who recently became an Ambassador for Todos Juntos. He was the chairman of the LATA Foundation (2009-2013), set up by the Latin America Travel Association, and continues to be involved with the Latin America Charities Forum which brings together funding organisations with charities running projects on the ground.

LATA Foundation  – Transforming Lives in Latin America

The Latin America travel industry is working together to support social and environmental projects Mexico, Central and South America via the Latin America Travel Association’s charity, the LATA Foundation.

  • Ballet school in a favela in Rio de Janeiro: £4 buys a pair of ballet shoes.
  • Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Costa Rica: £80 will rescue a squirrel monkey.
  • Supporting coffee farmers in Guatemala: £35 buys 130 coffee seedlings.
  • Street children in Bolivia: £10 supports a homeless child for two weeks.
  • Reforestation in Peru: £16 plants 25 trees.
  • Education and support for children in Ecuador: £200 sponsors a child for a year.

For further information about these and other projects please visit


The LATA Foundation is run entirely by volunteers and all contributions go directly to projects.

The LATA Foundation is registered in England and Wales (Registered No: 1123580).

Todos Juntos Children’s Trust is registered in England and Wales (Registered No: 1115344).